How gambling addiction affects your family

By | November 22, 2018

How can gambling addiction affect your family and what you can about it?

People bet on a lot of things today. Some people bet on sports, racing and some bet when playing cards. Simply put, gambling means trying out an activity which has a balance between winning and losing, placing bets especially in monetary terms, in order to boost the chance of making more money.

Gambling addiction could be a compulsive or a pathological obsession. Not only does it bring about financial ruin, but it also brings about severe negative consequences for the family of the addicted person. There are certain laws in place to promote responsible gambling. However, these laws fail to stop people who have a high tendency to become a gambling addict.

Financial problems

Due to the actions of the gambler, the married partner suffers and also the children.  As money continues to be lost recklessly, the family faces debt and debt issues. Bills won’t be paid early or paid at all, and ultimately this gambling addiction could leave the family homeless and on the streets. A countless number of marriages has broken due to debts and bills issues which come from gambling.  In most cases, the addicted person even goes as far as betting what they don’t have, and then the debt burden worsens.

Lies and theft

The truth is that many gamblers are not proud of their habit. They lie to conceal their gambling addictions, and money lost during the gamble. From little lies, they get entangled in a web of lies.

Sooner than later, the family will find out where all the finances are going to, and then the family trust would be broken. Gambling addiction also comes with stealing overtime. The gambler may even resort to stealing from friends and family. The deception and theft put together destroy families. And the children are not as safe as they would be derided for the action of their family member.

Alcohol addiction

Just as gambling and alcohol establishments go hand in hand, so does gambling and alcohol addiction. People who are addicted to gambling fall into alcohol and even drug abuse to boost the thrill of the game. This further addiction worsens the family situation

Neglect and abuse

As money runs dry, the gambler tends to become more abusive. The loss of money and uncertainty of a tomorrow without financial security could lead to extreme violence. The gambler could become violent even to the children.  They tend to neglect responsibilities in the family due to countless hours spent in the gambling houses, and the children will no doubt suffer. The gamblers also neglect the care of their children financially as they spend the little resources they have to gamble. Gamblers do not think about using their money to purchase essential requirements for the family such as food and clothing. The little money left for other vital needs in the family will also be lost due to debt paybacks.

Treatment of gambling addiction is indeed possible. Personal and family counseling can help fix the damage. Time is essential for the effects to heal.