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How gambling addiction affects your family

How can gambling addiction affect your family and what you can about it?

People bet on a lot of things today. Some people bet on sports, racing and some bet when playing cards. Simply put, gambling means trying out an activity which has a balance between winning and losing, placing bets especially in monetary terms, in order to boost the chance of making more money. (more…)

The causes of conflicts between doctors and patients

doctor patient conflictPatients should be confident that they, along with their doctor, have decided to conduct a surgery or to take medication with possible side effects; thus, in the event of an unfavorable outcome of the treatment the results are more likely to be perceived as associated risks, not as negligence of the physician. Errors in relationship between doctors and patients are not rare in medical practice; reducing their number can be achieved by relationships of trust, based on the achievements of modern medical science, compliance technologies and high level of staff. (more…)

Accidents in medical practice implying no prosecution

medical accidentsIn medical practice, ‘accident’ is widely utilised, which in its origin is substantially different from a medical error, because it does not depend on any actions or omissions of the physician. However, an ‘accident’ is treated as a medical error until the circumstances and details are figured out.