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Accidents in medical practice implying no prosecution

medical accidentsIn medical practice, ‘accident’ is widely utilised, which in its origin is substantially different from a medical error, because it does not depend on any actions or omissions of the physician. However, an ‘accident’ is treated as a medical error until the circumstances and details are figured out. The majority of professionals use the term ‘accident’ in situations where an unfavorable outcome is related to accidental circumstances, ‘force majeure’, ie the outcome doctor simply couldn’t foresee and prevent. The accidents include:

      1. Unforeseen complications or death due to allergic or toxic reactions when using drugs or prophylactic vaccination, used in accordance with the instructions;
      2. Sudden death before or during the operation because of the mental or emotional shock;
      3. Postoperative complications (air embolism or bleeding);
      4. Reflex cardiac arrest during the manipulation (angiography, pyelography, EGD, cardiac catheterisation, and etc.).